2021 Ouray

43rd Annual CCPA Meeting Ouray!

March 11 – 13, 2021


Alpine Archaeology is excited to host the 43rd Annual CCPA conference March 11–13, 2021 in Ouray!  If you have never been to Ouray, this is your chance to see the best of what the San Juan Mountains have to offer.  A quaint, historical mining community nestled in the mountains, Ouray is known as the Switzerland of America with spectacular views and natural hot springs.

The CCPA conference will be held at the historical Wright Opera House, which is just one of several prominent historical buildings in Ouray.  It was constructed in 1888 by brothers H.E. (Ed) and George Wright, with two storefronts on the ground floor and the opera hall on the second floor.  The Wright family operated the building as an opera hall and civic center for many years prior to selling the building in 1916.   Several different businesses have operated out of the Wright over the years, including a hardware store, an auto garage and repair shop, and a Jeep Tour Company.  The Wright is currently managed and owned by The Friends of the Wright Opera House, who completed their acquisition of the Wright Opera House in 2011.  The non-profit is dedicated to restoring and preserving the Wright and providing a venue for arts, education, and social events that can continue the opera house’s contribution to the economic and cultural vitality of Ouray.  The group has recently finished renovations of the downstairs bar, which is the venue for the Early Bird on March 11th.

Ouray has several excellent restaurants and hotels within walking distance of the Wright, has a recently renovated public hot springs pool, and (seasonally dependent) a variety of outdoor activities. Alpine has communicated with the Ute Indian Museum in Montrose (https://www.historycolorado.org/ute-indian-museum) regarding tours, and is looking into other field trip options for the conference.   Please stay tuned over the next months for additional details on lodging, tours, workshops, and the conference—for now, make sure to save the date on your calendars!



We will be monitoring social distancing guidelines and how the ongoing COVID-19 situation may affect the 2021 conference.  We will keep everyone informed of potential changes to the conference, especially as the dates get closer.